Cornelia Hampton

3rd Grade English Language Arts

About the Teacher

Greetings, Mountain Movers!

I am excited to be your 3rd-grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher this year! I look forward to a fun and exciting year filled with learning!

Education & Experience

"The whole world opened to me when I learned to read." ~Mary McCleod Bethune

I graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Elementary Education. 

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Class Schedule


7:50-8:25 Morning Work

8:25- 8:35 Announcements/Morning Meeting

8:35 -8: 55 Skill Review

9: 00-10: 30 Literacy Block

10:55-11:20 Lunch


11:20-11: 40 Restroom, Class Switch

11:45-12:15 Bell Work

1:55- 2:00 Restroom, Prepare for Activity

2:05- 2:55 Activity

2:55-3: 10 Prepare for Dismissal


Early Buses: 3: 05 Walkers

Car riders Dismiss @ 3;10

Buses Dismiss @ 3:15

Activity Schedule

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