Alice and Randy Denton

Art Teachers

(901) 634-4173

KidzArt has been servicing Desoto County Schools by providing a KidzArt instructor to act as the Art instructor for students' activity period. 

Certified instructors help students create original works of art beyond what they thought possible. We are a drawing based program, complimented with artistic projects and curriculum that never repeat from age 2-18. We offer exposure to many mediums over the course of a student’s education. We offer:

  •       a nurturing, safe, non-competitive environment
  •       easy-to-learn drawing techniques that bring ideas to life.
  •       a no mistake philosophy that allows students to take risks and think outside the box.
  •       age appropriate, safe, professional-level fine art supplies and materials
  •       activities that promote problem solving skill development
  •       focus exercises
  •       techniques to relax through art
  •       music to enhance art expression


Our Process

From the Picassos in training to those who think they will never get it, art becomes approachable and more fun than ever imagined with KidzArt techniques. KidzArt goes far beyond other art programs in developing life skills:

  •       Relaxation
  •       Focusing
  •       Confidence
  •       Problem solving
  •       Positive attitude
  •       Critical thinking

We assist students to become creative innovators by offering a safe environment where experimentation, risk taking , and problem solving are a natural process. The result? Success beyond all expectations!


Students are encouraged and supported with perceptual tools that have been taught for 25 years within public and private schools afterschool programs. KidzArt education can start as young as 2 with age appropriate curriculum, interactive play AND music. Programs for adults are fun way to explore different art mediums and create beautiful individual works of art.