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Flor Villanueva Staff Photo
August 8-12, 2016
Due Date: 8/8/2016
Subject: 4th Grade

We had such a good week last week!  I am so excited to have your child in my classroom.  I assign homework each week on Monday and send it home.  It is to be returned completed on Friday. 

This week's spelling words are

1.  catch

2.  spend

3.  skills

4.  pond

5.  lunches

6.  tracks

7.  badge

8.  a lot

9.  cannot

10.  through

11.  off

12.  field

13.  what

14.  young

15.  spread

We are reading the books A Bad Case of Stripes, The Old Woman Who Names THings, and The Song and Dance Man.  We are working on learning theme and characters in a story.  We picked out books that are just right books to read.  We also are concentrating on procedures and how to build a community of readers.  


There will be a spelling test on Friday.  We will also be taking the STAR reading test in the language arts lab this Tuesday to determine your child's reading level. 

I sent home a yellow paper today with a t-shirt you may purchase.  Please turn this and the money in before August 18th.

Please join the PTO if you can.  We have a great group of PTO workers.

The Snack Shack will begin selling snacks tomorrow.  Each snack is $0.75.  Breakfast is being served from 7:55-8:20 each morning in the cafeteria.  Cost is $0.30 for reduced meals, $1.00 for full price, and free if your child has free lunch.

Punctuality is a very important deal.  We begin work as soon as the bell rings at 8:25.

If you need me for any reason, you can contact me on remind or the school website.


Have a great week!