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Lessons and Tests(Archived)
The American Revolution
Due Date: 5/18/2017
Subject: Social Studies

We are continuing our study of the American Revolution which includes the causes leading up to the war, as well as several key battles.  We won't be reading about every battle, but if you are interested in more information, let me know and I can hook you up with some interesting facts for the various battles.

**Here's a link to find out more cool information on the American Revolution

(hightlight and paste it into your browser):

Brainpop videos to watch in the Social Studies section:

     -French and Indian War

     -Causes of the American Revolution

     -American Revolution 

     -Declaration of Independence

     -John Adams

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Current Studies
Due Date: 5/1/2017
Subject: 5th Grade

In Reading, we are working on theme, text features, text structures, author's purpose, perspective, character traits, and main idea.  We are now beginning review of all skills taught this year in preparation for the spring Case 21 test and the state test at the end of the year.


We are currently reading Belle Prater's Boy, by Ruth White. This is a wonderful, heart-warming story of a girl, Gypsy, and her cousin, Woodrow, who comes to live next door with their grandparents.  These two cousins become the best of friends who have to overcome the challenges of losing a parent.  This book helps us learn life lessons about adversity, courage, and friendship.  There will be a comprehension test at the end of the book. We will begin several projects the week of March 6-10 on this book.


In English, we are working on various types of writing and how to make our writing better. 


There will be an assessment after each skill we learn about and practice.  These are not typically multiple-choice tests.  These will be long and/or short answers that make students apply what they have learned.  




Spelling Vocabulary- 3rd 9 weeks  Study Guide

The spelling and vocabulary tests for the 9 weeks will consist of 25 questions each. Some of the words may be on both tests. Students may be asked about ANY word on this list.

1. abstract - art that uses elements such as colors/lines without attempting to create

                  a realistic picture

2. appreciate - to enjoy or understand a piece of art

3. depict - to show

4. dimensions - a measurement of the length, width, or depth of an object

5. illustration - a picture

6. perspective - a way of seeing things in relation to one another (viewpoint)

7. spatial - having to do with space

8. technique - a method of doing something

9. unique - one of a kind

10. variations - changes

11. dependable - able to be trusted

12. villains - wicked people

13. alien - from another planet

14. ambitious - having a strong desire to do something; wishing for something better

15. fascination - to grip the attention of, especially to take away the power to move,

                         act, or think for oneself

16. version - one form of something

17. clashed - fought; had a conflict

18. viewers - people who look at or watch something

19. elaborate - complicated; having many parts

20. galaxies - large group of stars

21. analysis - a study of the parts of something to determine its nature

22. description - a representation of something

23. evaluate - to judge something

24. maintain - preserve, to cause something to exist or continue without changing

25. mental - refers to the mind

26. paraphrases - to rewrite text in your own words

27. refer - to turn to

28. reflect - to think about something seriously

29. skim - to read quickly

30. submit - to turn in

31. fragile - not strong; weak; breakable

32. circular - round like a dinner plate

33. cobwebs - dusty,tangled spider webs

34. suspends - hangs from something fastened above

35. encircle - to go around; surround

36. flexible - able to bend/not break

37. diameter - the distance across a circle

38. rectangles - four-sided shapes with four right angles and two pairs of parallel lines

39. vertical - in an up-and-down direction

40. horizontal - flat; going across

41. assessed - to examine something such artifacts and estimate its merit

42. comparison - to find the likenesses/difference between objects, peoples, or places

43. discovery - something known (found) for the first time

44. evident - easy to see/tell; plain

45. investigation - a careful search

46. precise - exact

47. procedure - a way of doing things

48. simulate - imitate, to follow as a pattern, model, or example

49. solution - the answer arrived at when computing a problem

50. valid - well-grounded in logic or truth or having legal force

51. victims - people or animals that are harmed or killed by another

52. behavior - way of acting

53. paralyzed - made something unable to move

54. digest - to change food in the stomach into energy the body can use

55. devour - to eat quickly; in a greedy way

56. specialize - to have a particular way of acting

57. poisonous - containing a substance that can cause sickness or death

58. attentive - looking closely at; paying careful attention

59. conceal - to hide

60. attract - to get attention of; draw to oneself

61. adulthood - the state of being fully grown up

62. threat - a sign of danger

63. tireless - never becoming tired; never stooping

64. organization - a group of people working together for a specific purpose, an

                          arrangement of parts to make a whole

65. cooperate - to work together

66. defend - to keep safe; guard

67. existence - the state of being

68. authority - control over someone or something

69. teeming - full; crowd

70. bustle - to hurry in a noisy way


The weekly spelling test will always be on Monday, unless we have a day off for a holiday.  Then the test will be the day we come back. (usually a Tuesday) This is due to completing comprehension tests usually on Friday.  This alleviates having too much to test in one day. 

Roots & Affixes --We are on Week 17:

This week's words mean or are related to:


   therm     - heat   

  hyper-   and  super-   ( above )

  hypo-   and   sub-       ( below )


    1. thermos              6.  hyperactive

    2. thermal               7. hypersensitive

    3. thermostat          8. superintendent

    4. hypothermia        9. hypodermic

    5. geothermal        10. subconscious


The Roots and Affixes test will be on Wednesday or Thursday each week.

It is very important to study the words every night until the test. 


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