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What`s happening this week? 


August 13-17

Making Meaning                                                      

  • Unit 1
  • Building Classroom Community

    Mentor Texts: 
    Miss Nelson is Missing

    Miss Nelson Has a Field Day
  • Two Bobbies

Image result for Miss Nelson is MissingImage result for Miss Nelson is Missing  Image result for Two Bobbies

Being a Writer

  • Unit 1 Week 1
  • Building Writing Community

Mentor Texts:
The Pain and the Great One
Grandpa's Face

Image result for the pain and the great oneImage result for grandpas face



Math Skills




Mon: NWEA test. Review multiplication arrays, introduce division w/equal groups

Tue: Review division w/equal groups & introduce division arrays 

Wed: NWEA test. Review division strategies-arrays & equal groups 

Thu: Daily Grade on Arrays/Equal Groups. Introduce division as an unknown factor/fact family strategy

Fri: Division as an unknown factor using bar modeling



Explore: What is a Scientist?

Explore: The Scientific Method