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Charlotte Wade Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Daily Schedule


7:55-8:25              Morning work

8:30-10:30             Reading Workshop

10:35-10:40           Restroom

10:40-11:30           Activity

11:30-11:55           Lunch

11:55-12:00           Restroom

12:00-1:30             Math Workshop

1:30-1:55               Recess

1:55-3:00               Writing Workshop

3:00-3:15               Pack up/dismissal


11:30-11:55          Lunch

11:55-12:00         Restroom

12:00-12:25         Recess

12:30-2:50          Word Study/Language/Independent Writing

2:50-3:15           Gap time/Dismissal



Activities vary each week since we have seven activities. We have Physical Education twice in the rotation.


Rotation               Activity

A                             Music

B                             Library

C                             Science Lab

D                             P.E.

E                              Math Lab

F                              Language Arts Lab

G                             Art

H                             P.E.