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Daily Schedule  


My homeroom is referred to as the MORNING GROUP. My second class, Mrs. Brown's homeroom, is referred to as the AFTERNOON GROUP. The following daily schedule is color coded to show which group I have during what times of the day.

Daily schedule:

 7:55 - 8:30  Students arrive. They may go straight to the cafeteria for breakfast or may eat a light snack in the classroom. Restroom. Prepare for the day. Meet and Greet.

 8:30 - 9:00     SIPPS/Independent Reading Time

 9:00 - 9:25     Small groups

 9:25 - 9:30     Restroom/Water

 9:35 - 9:55     Recess (students may bring water and snack)

10:00 - 11:20  Making Meaning/Small Groups/Being a Writer

11:25 - 11:50   LUNCH

The rest of this schedule is for when I have Mrs. Brown's Class


12:00 -   2:00  Small Groups/Making Meaning/Being a Writer

  2:05  -  2:50  Activity

               3:00 - switch classes

(my homeroom/MORNING class comes back to me)

3:05 - 3:15  prepare for dismissal

3:15             Dismissal