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Ashley Parbs Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Our Classroom's Daily Schedule

*It is a vital part of your child's education to be at school everyday, be on time, and not check out early! Unless, of course, your child is sick! :)

Morning Work/Routines: Arrival-8:30


Reading Lesson: 8:45-9:20 


Guided Reading/Independent Reading: 9:20-9:50


Recess: 9:55-10:15


Vocabulary: 10:20-10:35


Grammar/Writing: 10:35-10:55

SIPPS: 10:55-11:25


Switch Classes:  11:30


Lunch: 11:45-12:15


Reading Vocabulary: 12:25-12:45


Reading Lesson: 12:45-1:20


Independent/Guided Reading: 1:20-1:50


Grammar/Writing: 1:30-2:00


Activity: 2:05-2:50


Switch and Pack up: 3-3:15