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Classroom Expecations

Classroom Expectations  

Mrs. Sparrenberger’s



Classroom Expectations

Students must be on time, rested, and ready to learn.

Students must complete all homework each night.

Students must return their graded paper folders signed.

Students must respect their teacher and each every classmate.

Students must help to keep the classroom positive, safe, and clean.

Students need to listen to all directions given for each assignment.

Students must be responsible for their own actions and their school work.

Students must be dressed appropriately each and every day.


Classroom Rules

Students must stay in their desk at all times unless directed otherwise.

Students must raise their hands

Students must NOT talk out of turn.

Students must keep their desk and cubbies clean

Students will not talk or play in the hall, classroom, restroom, activity, or cafeteria.

Students must keep their hands to themselves.

Students must respect ALL property in the building and in the classroom.