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Vocabulary: Math  

dividend: the number being divided into

divisor: the number that you divide by

quotient: the answer to a division problem

compatible numbers: numbers that are easy to compute mentally

remainder: the amount left over after dividing

partial quotients: a way to divide where you break the dividend into parts that are easier to divide

Vocabulary: Science  

 Science: Electromagnets

1. Electromagnet: a piece of iron that becomes a temporary magnet when electricity flows through an insulated wire wrapped around it

2. Electromagnetism: a property of electric and magnetic fields that causes interactions with electric charges and currents

3. Core: in an electromagnet, the material around which a coil of insulated wire is wound

4. Coil: a series of loops

5. Steel: a material made mostly of iron

6. Rivet: a piece of iron or steel around which a coil is wound

7. Iron: a metal that sticks to a magnet