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Vocabulary: Math  

dividend: the number being divided into

divisor: the number that you divide by

quotient: the answer to a division problem

compatible numbers: numbers that are easy to compute mentally

remainder: the amount left over after dividing

partial quotients: a way to divide where you break the dividend into parts that are easier to divide

Vocabulary: Science  

 Science: Energy

  1. energy: the ability to do work
  2. battery: a source of stored chemical energy
  3. D-cell: a source of electricity; also known as a battery
  4. light bulb: a filament held by two stiff wires and surrounded by a clear glass globe
  5. short circuit: an unintended pathway that allows current to flow from one terminal of an energy source directly to the other terminal without passing through any other component
  6. system: a set of objects that are related in some way and can be isolated for study
  7. electricity: energy that flows through circuits and can produce heat, light, motion, and sound
  8. bulb base: the area on a light bulb where one of the filament support wires extends down to the metal bead
  9. bulb casing: the inside of the metal screw case on a light bulb where the second filament support wire connects
  10. circuit:  a pathway for the flow of electricity
  11. component: one item in a circuit
  12. contact point: the place in a circuit where connections are made to allow electricity to flow
  13. electric current: the flow ot electricity through a conductor
  14. energy source: a place where energy comes from, such as batteries, food, fuels, and the Sun
  15. filament: the material in a light bulb (usually a thin wire) that makes light when heated by an electric current
  16. light: observable evidence of energy
  17. terminal: the term used to refer to the ends of a battery
  18. transfer: to move from one source to another
  19. wire: a metal or other solid substance through which electric current moves