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ReNae Stepp Staff Photo

Homework Club

1st 9 weeks Homework Club  
Activity Date: 8/20/2015

   HOMEWORK CLUB   Let's celebrate!!!

Students are rewarded for completing homework every day.  We will have a Homework Club lunch (in the classroom) once every 9 weeks. There will be a special treat as well.  Always do your homework, even if you don't understand.  Try your best and make an effort.  The homework has to be complete.  It is ok if you didn't understand something and got an answer wrong.  You just can't leave it blank.  Hope I have a lot of you as my lunch companions!  :)


1st 9 Weeks Homework Champions

Jacob Creedon                     James McBride

Jayden Durham                    Mya Pennington

Carl Jones                           Arkayla Rogers

Jennifer Landaverde             Binta Samateh

Cameron Lofton                   Quandrinique Watson

Keidy Lopez                          Anthony Winebarger

Justin Lowe