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This week!  Updated at 1/21/2018 12:15:00 PM

 This week in Science and Math!


 Unit Concepts:

  • The properties of an object affect how it acts and interacts.
  • Differentiate between elements, compounds, and mixtures and between chemical and physical changes.
  • Matter has physical properties.

Homework: Complete Science textbook pages that were not completed in class. Study daily notes and vocabulary!

Check your child's planner for any homework changes.



Chapter 7: Expressions and Patterns

Daily Schedule 

Monday: Numerical Expressions and Order of Operations

Homework: Check planner!

Tuesday: Numerical Expressions and Order of Operations

Homework:  Check planner!

Wednesday: Generate Patterns

Homework: Check planner!

Thursday: Generate Patterns

Homework:  Check planner!

Friday: Ordered Pairs

Homework:  No homework!


**Quizzes are given randomly and may cover previously studied materal.**

**The chapter test is given when we have completed all lessons in the chapter. Chapter tests may include material we have previously studied.**