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Subjects Taught
5th Grade


Some of my friends call me the Prodigal Son.  I have returned home after being gone for more than 35 years.  I call home Singleton, Mississippi.  Singleton is a small town right between Carthage and Kosiusko on hyw 35.  My family owned a small grocery store, A M Johnson's Grocery.

When I graduated from high school I attended Baylor University and played a little football.  I finished my education at Memphis State University with a BS in Education and MS in Environmental Sciences in Education. My first actual teaching position was in Eudora, MS at the TMR school.  My first class was a class of 5 blind students.  Very eye opening and no pun intended.

Upon graduation I was asked to remain at Memphis State University on faculty and teach at the Campus School.  My speciality was IGE (Individual Guided Education) and Elementary Science Education.  I received my Master's during this time and education took me to Plano Independent School District in Plano, TX.  Yes, there really is just a plain ole', TX.  I taught 5th grade in Plano and worked with their Outdoor Education Program in connection with Frank Goddard's Camp for Outdoor Education in the Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma.  And yes, Oklahoma is the proud owner of the oldest mountain range in North America.  I had two specialties at the camp.  Teaching students to be paleontologist while finding fossils and how to canoe/kayak.  To this day I am still an avid kayaker.

I left teaching and moved over to the business world.  I had the opportunity to work with small entrepreneurial start up companies to fortune 100 companies in executive and managerial positions.  I can honestly say, that I was able to make a significant difference in a growing hospital industry. My presence/contribution is seen in every hospital and doctor's offices in the world. During this time I enrolled in Anderson School of Business at UCLA, while being a part of a fast growing start up company.  Our little company which ended up a pretty good size company got a 'shout out' in the #1 best seller business book, Good to Great: Why some make the Leap.  

I make reference to my business life because it translates back into my classroom.  If you read our classroom tag line," Nothing Less than the BEST ", I put into my business practice 'life's little learning moments' that I got out of school.  I want that same initiative and integrity to follow me back into the classroom where I first learned it.  I wound down my business days in Wisconsin breeding and raising top winning English Setters.  

I sold my business practice and went back into teaching while in Wisconsin.  I thought it was for only a 6 month gig but it turned out to be a 16 year move.  I loved every minute of it.  I taught Earth Science, Physical Science and started their 'Hole Learning in the Outdoors" Education Program (and coached football and girls track).  Because my family needed me back home, I was able to move back and continue my teaching here at Southaven Intermediate School.  It is every bit as special as any of my other life's experiences.  I teach with a great group of 5th grade teachers.  I am proud to be a part of them.

I was asked why don't I just retire and enjoy life.  Well, for me teaching is enjoying life.  I love to come to school everyday and teach.  Teaching is like breathing.  I take a lot pride in being unique, but even more in "making a difference".


Eddie Johnson