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Parent Resources


 **Practice Testlets can be found and printed for each grade/subject by clicking on the "FILES" link at the top of the page.  Other Sample State Test Items can also be found by following the link below: 



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Imagine Learning programs were designed to tap into students’ innate curiosity, creativity, and desire for exploration. Every lesson, every activity, and every game makes students want to keep going—resulting in the kind of learning that lasts a lifetime.  Within the programs of Imagine Learning, each student enters an individualized learning path that helps them grow through productive struggle without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.  Our ongoing assessments and reports will show you.

Student Logins:

Site Code-  2801320

UserName: Student ID #

Password:  Student ID #


We have 3 portals for learning Click on any of them to go to the websites

or you can Download the app:

Imagine Language Literacy

Imagine Math Facts

Imagine Math