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3rd Grade Language Arts

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This week in Room A15: September 20-24

Treasure Island Unit

Monday: Focus Question: Should shipwreck debris be removed from ocean floor?

  • Continue our discussion about the Titanic and whether or not wreckage/debris is considered "treasure"
  • Read the article "Kids Were Onboard the Titanic, Too"  independently
  • Show understanding of a new text by answering questions
  • Complete the RACER essay graphic organizer based on new text
  • Show understanding of a new text by writing

Tuesday: Focus Question: Should shipwreck debris be removed from ocean floor?

  • Use RACER essay organizer handout to write final draft of opinion essay

Wednesday: Focus Question: How does greed motivate or change people?

  • Read Chapters 11-13 of Treasure Island
  • Retell events of chapters 11-13 by creating posters
  • Present posters


  • Comprehensive Quiz over Part II of Treasure Island

Friday: Focus Question: How does greed motivate or change people?

  • Read chapter 14 of Treasure Island
  • Examine Point of View in Chapter 14
  • Examine Point of View in Chapters 12-13
  • Complete Point of View chart with group
  • Vocabulary Quiz

Weekly Vocabulary

Week of September 20-24: Treasure Island  Chapters 11-13 

solemnnot cheerful or smiling; serious


mutinyrefuse to obey the orders of a person in authorities


flutterto move restlessly


skulkingto keep out of sight, with cowardly reasons


provisionssupplies of food, drink, or equipment for a journey


jolly-boata boat that hangs on the side of a ship used for regular work or chores

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About Mrs. Harriman


I graduated from Southaven High School in 2003 and then attended University of Mississippi where I received my Bachelor's in Elementary Education. I decided to go back to school in 2016 and obtained my Master's in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University August 2018.


This is my 14th year as a 3rd grade teacher at SIS! :)


A little about me.....

My name is Ashley Harriman, and I was born in Memphis Tennessee. I grew up in Olive Branch and Southaven, MS. I attended Hope Sullivan Elementary, Southaven Middle School, and graduated from Southaven High School in 2003. I was the child who LOVED going to school each day and loved starting a new year with a new teacher and a new set of friends. Some of my favorite people were my teachers, and I guess that's why I became one. To be a light for a child means more to me than anything!

After graduating from high school, I was accepted into the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS. After two years at the Oxford Campus, I decided to come back home and attend the Ole Miss DeSoto Center. I was able to be with friends and family plus I lived FREE with my parents! I graduated with my teaching degree in 2008.

After I graduated college, I was hired as a third grade teacher. This is my 14th year teaching at SIS. Southaven Intermediate is a great school with a fabulous staff...I am so blessed to be teaching here. I decided July of 2016 to begin my journey towards a Master's degree through the Arkansas State online program and graduated August 2018 with honors. I love being a life-long learner and I love being able to mentor to other teachers. 

My family means the world to me! My husband is Justin who is also a product of DeSoto County Schools. I have a 14 year old daughter, Kate, and an 11 year old boy, Kobe. They both attend DeSoto County Schools.  I have my hands full, but I wouldn't change ANYTHING!!!

I get really excited about teaching and learning, so get ready for a fun filled year!! I can't wait!!!


Click the image below to listen to the story "Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map" by James Dean.

Click to listen to the story "Pete the Cat and the Pirate Map"

Click on the following image to find a lot of fun and interesting facts about real pirates. 

Lots of pirate information

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