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Welcome to "The Sound of Music"!

Your child will be creating music and learning about all facets of music this year!


Upcoming Events:



 Mississippi My Home Musical in April: 4th Grade

Date: Friday, March 31st

10:20-10:55 a.m.               Program #1:           

Coker, Gibson, Jenkins,  Lindsey, Sloan, Stiles, Villanueva, Wade


1:30-2:05 p.m.                   Program #2:          

Daniels, Hatley, Howard, Porter, Sparrenberger, Stevens, Stubblefield, Temple


 Costumes:      White shirt and blue jeans (unless the student has an auditioned part)

Choir from November-February: 5th Grade


Friday, February 24, 2017 RiverKings game