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Welcome to the STEM Lab!

Where Science Paves the Way



"The best journeys answer questions

that in the beginning

you didn't even think to ask."

-180 Degrees South



I am very excited about this wonderful addition to our school.  Students will visit the STEM lab once every 9 days as part of their activity rotation.  Each week will focus on one or more facets of the STEM model: science, technology, engineering, and math. Every session will integrate grade specific objectives according to the new science standards set forth in the Mississippi Curriculum Science Framework.




Upcoming topics include: What is STEM? What is Science? What is Technology? What is Engineering?  What is Math? How do scientists, inventors, and engineers use these concepts to imagine, design, create, share ideas, and develop products? How does STEM promote collaboration and teamwork?


This Rotation in the Lab: Dec. 10-Jan. 4

How Does Energy fit into STEM?


Third graders will explore potential and kinetic energy as they create electric circuits with a load and build Neo Tracks to test the motion of a vehicle.  

Fourth graders will continue to build circuits showing the transformation of electrical energy into light, sound, and/or motion. They will draw and label the components of a circuit and use arrows to show the flow of electrons. 

Fifth graders will build a marble roller coaster using plans from last rotation. They will apply concepts of the Laws of Motion to roll the marble through 1 drop, 1 loop, and 1 curve.


Holiday Fun With STEM

The winter holiday season is the perfect time to make pinecone birdfeeders, predict wintry precipitation, explore winter constellations, make an ornament by coding your initials, calculate the volume of a present, have a cookie stacking contest, design candy cane stars, blow bubbles on a cold day (Do the bubbles freeze?), start an indoor herb garden, build a toy factory using Lego, use Geo-boards to create holiday pictures, make evergreen oobleck, etc.


 Home Connections

Parents have numerous opportunities to expose their children to STEM related concepts, thus supporting the learning that takes place in the classroom.

Children can build, design, and create new inventions with household materials and objects in nature or brainstorm ways to solve a problem.

You could start small by implementing Math Mondays, Technology Tuesdays, Engineering Wednesdays, Science Thursdays, or Fun Fridays.


Here are some great websites for STEM related activities:

Design Squad at PBS

Treasure Engineering at Big



Brainpop Jr.