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Casie Sachse Staff Photo

Important Class Info

Class Rules  


1.Be kind

2.Be respectful

3.Be honest

4.Be safe

5.Be the best you

Snack, Breakfast, Lunch  


·       Snacks may be brought to school. Please make sure it is as mess-free as possible.

·       Students may bring water in a bottle or container (with lid) to school each day labeled with their name. No other liquids may be consumed during snack time.

·       Breakfast is served from 7:50-8:20 each day (regular $1.25, reduced .30 cents)

·       New lunch price (regular $2.75, reduced .40 cents)

*Reminder-Students can purchase additional energy drinks and chips with their lunch account. Please discuss this with them if you do not wish for them to do so.