Casie Sachse Staff Photo

Important Class Info: Rules, Flex Seating, Behavior Plan, etc.

Class Rules  


1.Be kind

2.Be respectful

3.Be honest

4.Be safe

5.Be the best you

Flexible Seating Parent Letter  

Dear Parents,

         When you walk into my English Language Arts (ELA) classroom this year, you are going to notice that my classroom is unlike most other classrooms you’ve seen before. Yes, I hope you see it as well organized and cozy, but you’ll notice that something is missing. The missing piece is a desk for each student.

         I am passionate about students learning in an environment that will make them most successful. My goal is for my classroom to be motivating and accommodating to the needs of all my students. Just as I work best when I’m sitting on a couch with my feet up, students also work best when they are in seats that suit their needs (even multiple seats through the day) instead of being confined to a desk all day. Children need to be able to move without penalty--- wiggle while they work hard to learn! In my room there are multiple seating options: a couch, sofa chair, coffee table with yoga balls, a low table with pillows, a dining table with chairs, a bar height table with stools, scoop rockers, a small-group kidney table with stools, balance wobble cushions, and three individual desks. Research shows flexible seating makes a positive impact on student learning, behavior, peer collaboration, and even emotional and physical health of a child.

         I understand that some students prefer their own personal space or regular seating option, which is why I have three desks and a standard table. All students will have their own clipboard for writing, and students will share community supplies. Since I teach ELA, most of our lessons are taught whole group on the rug first, then students break to their “smart spot” of choice. Below are the Flexible Seating Rules that are posted in my classroom:

1.   Choose a WORKING spot that helps you do your BEST (SMART SPOT)

2.   Use each seat the RIGHT way as we AGREED in our contract

3.   If a spot is NOT WORKING for you, MOVE to a better one

4.   Take care of our classroom supplies AND clean up after yourself AND others

5.   ANY teacher can move ANYONE at ANYTIME if they don’t follow the rules 


Your child will have an opportunity to try each spot the first week and will sign a Flexible Seating Contract after we discuss these rules.

This was SUPER successful in my classroom last year, and I’m looking forward to it being this year as well!  If you have further questions or want more information on this topic, please feel free to email me at casie.sachse@dcsms.org.                                                   -Mrs. Sachse


Snack, Breakfast, Lunch  


·       Snacks may be brought to school. Please make sure it is as mess-free as possible.

·       Students may bring water in a bottle or container (with lid) to school each day labeled with their name. No other liquids may be consumed during snack time.

·       Breakfast is served from 7:50-8:20 each day (regular $1.25, reduced .30 cents)

·       New lunch price (regular $2.75, reduced .40 cents)

*Reminder-Students can purchase additional energy drinks and chips with their lunch account. Please discuss this with them if you do not wish for them to do so.